I know that most bios are written in third person to avoid sounding pretentious while talking about oneself, but I'm not gonna pretend like I have employees who write things for me. I am Alex, and I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. In 2016 I graduated from California State University Fullerton and received a bachelor of fine arts degree in illustration. I worked as a studio assistant for a local artist in Tustin for a couple years where I learned a lot about the process that paintings and prints go through to get to galleries and customers. In 2014 I moved to Florence, Italy for 10 months to study drawing and painting at La Scuola del Libero Nudo. I learned to speak a good amount of Italian, and did some independent study painting landscapes, but mostly I just ate pizza. I paint in a lot of different mediums, but I prefer either oils or acrylics. I am also capable of working digitally using adobe photoshop and illustrator, for digital painting and graphic design. I have done a wide variety of artistic jobs including landscape paintings, t-shirt designs, portraits, abstract paintings, logo design, and even a few live speedpaintings at my church. I am always up for a challenge, so if you want to commission something normal or a little abnormal, let's make it happen. Thanks for your support and checking out the page.


-Alex Erlich